Saturday, April 11, 2015

Struggling With Writing...Everything

I’m struggling tonight. Have been struggling for over a week now. I’ve tried writing various pieces on many different topics, some so close to my heart that I can’t share them on this blog. But I keep failing. I get blocked, don’t know how to continue, or think the idea I was pursuing is utter shit. I’m stuck in a vicious circle of starting, not finishing, then starting another piece...failing again to finish either piece…

It’s discouraging, really. Because I want to be a better writer. I want to get more of my stuff out there, but I can’t if I never finish it. I don’t know if what I’m trying to write about is just too heavy, or if my attention span is just utter crap at the moment. But I need to finish something.

Maybe someone should come threaten me and give me a deadline to at least finish a first draft of something? ;)