Friday, March 28, 2014

Encore DCS Dance Competition-March 15th

I can't believe it's nearly been two weeks since I competed. Wow.

It was a crazy Saturday. I think the most stressful part (as always) was getting my hair done. This year our studio is getting into wearing sock buns for all performances, and yes while it is pretty and professional, it is a pain. I have long hair and it is difficult to get it up and make it so that it's not lopsided.

Of course, I get my wonderful mother to do that sock bun because my arms are pathetic and get tired easily trying to do my hair. The first time we put it up, it was lopsided. It wasn't a problem really because we could fix it, but we had already put all the bobby pins in and I already had hairspray in.

But we fixed it. I left the house later than I wanted to, but I got it done.

This year, the dance competition was held at the GSU Performing Arts Center in Statesboro, GA (where our studio usually holds our recital). And let me say, it was insane. There were so many dancers and people everywhere, but it was the kind of madness I thrive on. Running to backstage and being around all those dancers and the general excitement of competing gives me an amazing adrenaline high and I love it.

Overall, our studio did amazing. I was in 5 numbers (three group routines and two productions) and they scored as followed:

Take A Ride (group tap): Platinum (!!!!! :D :D :D :D)

This is Me (group lyrical): High Gold

Ooh La La (group jazz): High Gold

Bad Breakup (jazz production): Platinum

Forever Love (lyrical production): Platinum

I am SO FREAKING PROUD OF US because I was hoping to get Platinum on at least one of our numbers, and the fact that we got that one of my group routines is amazing. (Platinum is the second best technical scoring you can get!!)

All in all, it was an amazing weekend for my studio and I. I competed Saturday then went to watch some of the other girls perform on Sunday. One of our senior dancers got the overall high score in her category for her solo (she is a really amazing person too, both in the studio and out. I'm sad that it's her last year with this studio!).

To anyone's who is interested in knowing more about Encore (or their scoring system, etc), here's their website: If you're a dancer and looking for a place to compete, I'd definitely recommend going here. Everyone is really great and the judges are awesome and supportive people. I hope to compete at another one of their competitions in the future. :)